Сhiropractic in Toronto

Treatment features: what methods are used in manual therapy?
Initially, the so-called rigid technique, i.e. direct influence on the spine through mechanical pressure on the vertebrae and ligaments, was used in manual therapy. This method is also called chiropractic, or short lever technique. This technique can cause quite unpleasant sensations, and in the early days of manual therapy often led to various complications (due to the fact that the treatment was carried out by people who are not sufficiently knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology). However, nowadays classical chiropractic therapy (which is a strict technique), performed by an experienced specialist, is able to bring the patient a quick release from pain and eliminate anatomical disorders resulting from the disease: displacement and protrusion of the vertebrae, pinching nerves and vessels, etc.

Сhiropractic in Toronto

In addition to the technique of short levers, a more gentle technique of long levers is widely used in manual therapy: indirect influence on the spine through manipulations of the patient’s extremities. This technique was borrowed from osteopathy.
In the short and long arm technique there are 3 main stages of action on the vertebrae or joints.

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