Shatter Extract

Shatter extract, which is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s produced using a combination of weed plant materials and solvents. The appearance of shatter weed is typically translucent, though its coloring can range from a bright honey like amber to a darker yellow shade like olive oil.  Shatter is an extract, which is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s produced using […]

Hardscapes by Local Santa Barbara Landscape Companies

By definition, to be properly said to be “landscaping” (verb form) a property, you must be making improvements (or maintaining past improvements) on that property’s grounds–either in a practical or in an aesthetic way. In an extended sense, everything on your property that stands outside of the home itself is part of a property’s landscaping. A related […]


The harmony and aesthetics of the environment affect not only a person’s mood, but also their ability to work, psychological or even physical health. Therefore, in a modern, stressful world, it is very important to create a space that can become a “place of strength”, relaxation, taking care that urban forms retain a pleasant natural […]

Skin Tightening Laser

Does Skin Tightening Laser Work? After you heal, you’ll see tightening and fewer wrinkles within 2 weeks. Bottom line: Laser resurfacing can tighten skin, usually better than any other skin-tighteningprocedure. It can also diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots on the skin, such as age spots. What kind of laser is used for skin tightening? CO2 Lasers are generally ablative lasers […]