Expertoption dealers offer ordinary people to take part in the game on the Forex market. The point is that a person tries to predict what will happen to the rate of one currency against another, and makes a deal with a forex dealer. If his prediction comes true, he earns – the dealer pays him money. If not, the dealer, on the contrary, writes a certain amount from his account.

As a rule, neither big money nor special equipment is required to start trading. It is enough to have access to the Internet and the trading terminal – a special program on your computer. Recently, even mobile applications have appeared for access to Forex. However, this does not mean that it is easy to earn on Forex, on the contrary, the risks of losses are extremely high.


First you enter into a contract with a Forex dealer and install the dealer’s trading software on your computer, smartphone or tablet. This program reflects the rates of all the currencies in which transactions can be made.

Forex dealer can use quotations of currencies of international currency exchanges, banks, Russian and foreign brokers, news agencies and other reliable sources. The full list of possible quotation providers is available in the Basic Standard of Forex Dealers’ Operations.

In order to conclude transactions at Forex, you must transfer a deposit to the dealer’s account. This money will be a guarantee that you will be able to fulfill your obligations on transactions in forex.

All your trading operations – conditional “buying” and “selling” currencies – are reflected in the program online. But real money comes to your account or is deducted from it only after you close trades. If you have correctly predicted the movement of the currency rate, the dealer accrues money to your account – your deposit is increased. If not guessed, the deposit is reduced.

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