Landscape Design in Santa Barbara

Alpine Hill

Alpine hill is called alpinarium differently. It is an original decoration for the countryside, reminiscent of the Alps.

It is a piece of a mountain embankment where stones, flowers and bushes are placed. To create such beauty, you should choose a suitable place. It should be in harmony with all landscape design.

Alpinarium is easy to make with your own hands. In the place where it was decided to build it, you should draw a markup. Then you need to remove the top soil for 30 cm. At the bottom it is necessary to pour out drainage. This could be crushed stone, broken brick. After that, it is covered with soil that is compacted well.

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After that, the stones are laid. The first tier should consist of large stones. The smaller part of them should look out of the ground, they should be deepened into the ground.

This arrangement adds to the naturalness. Once the tier is ready, the holes between the stones should be filled with soil and then filled with water. The same action is done with the other tiers.

You should choose the right plants for the Alpine hill. They should look harmoniously with the stones, but you should not plant many of them either.

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