The harmony and aesthetics of the environment affect not only a person’s mood, but also their ability to work, psychological or even physical health. Therefore, in a modern, stressful world, it is very important to create a space that can become a “place of strength”, relaxation, taking care that urban forms retain a pleasant natural shape to the eye. Both of these tasks are solved by landscape design – applied art at the junction of architecture, botany and culturology, which is designed to create a harmony of beauty and convenience, aesthetics and practicality of the infrastructure of buildings, parks, gardens, plots of land.

Landscape design is the science of building a harmonious space, species of plants, small architectural forms. Here creative abilities and artistic taste are combined with purely practical skills, such as decoration of booby-trapped circles, creating a screen of flowers or cascading flower beds. The basic principles of landscape design: simplicity, practicality, aesthetics. It is possible to master a fascinating specialty in higher education institutions at programs in the direction of “Environmental Design (Landscape Design)” or after completing courses in landscape design.


Landscape design is designed to meet human aesthetic needs. On a large scale – these are urban parks, where all the details should be thought out: a composition of plants, a network of paths and paths, ponds, small architectural forms (arbours, benches, lighting).

There is also another trend that is becoming more and more popular. We are talking about garden plots and adjacent areas, which also need careful planning to please us with convenience and beauty.

In addition to aesthetics, there is also a purely pragmatic importance: a well-thought-out layout of the estate allows you to make good use of every square meter, take into account the location of the site, the direction of the prevailing winds, the lighting of the site to accommodate benches or pergolas, organize irrigation, drainage for rainwater drainage. These are the little things that can turn a few square meters of bare ground into a work of art and a cozy corner for recreation.

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