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Mowing is the most important element in lawn care

Not to miss the right time to mow your lawn for the first time after planting – it’s really important. To determine whether it is necessary, just measure the grass. If it has grown to 10 cm, it’s time to mow. Usually, the first mowing is in mid-May. If thunderstorms and rain are expected in May, try to mow the lawn before these seasonal disasters, otherwise the grass will lie down in heavy rain and you won’t be able to mow it properly.

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For mowing the lawn, the most common technical tool is a petrol or electric lawn mower. The choice of drive system depends on your lawn area. If your lawn is small, close to home, you should buy a light and inexpensive electric lawn mower.
Regardless of the type of engine, check the cutting system – it must be sharp so that part of the grass does not pull out with the root. It is best to mow dry grass, as wet grass will clog up the lawn mower. But the soil itself shouldn’t be hard and dried out, it’s better to mow a little wet. On wet soil, the wheels of the lawnmower are loaded and it ‘rubs’ the lawn, leaving behind some splashes.
At the first mowing, set the highest cutting height, and for subsequent mowing, focus on the 4-5 cm marker. This should be the height of the grass in a perfect lawn.
The direction of mowing for the first time can be any direction, but remember: If you mow from north to south for the first time, next time mow perpendicularly – from east to west.
Before each mowing, clear the lawn of debris – rocks, sticks, hard objects. If such objects come under the blades of the lawn mower, the motor will jam completely. If it is well protected against overloading, it will simply stop, otherwise it will burn out.

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If the lawn mower is without a grass catcher box, the grass should be removed after the first mowing. For subsequent mowing, it can be left in the hay, and side discharge mowers are handy. Leftover grass also protects the lawn from drying out in too hot a summer. For first mowing, a lawn mower with a grass catcher box is better, and even better, with a mulching function. You can always use mulch as an organic fertiliser.
Subsequent mowing depends on the intensity of the grass growth and the weather. In moderate sunshine and regular rainfall, you should do this approximately every two weeks. In case of drought, do not cut too short – your roots will dry out.

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