Physiotherapy services

Physiotherapy is a way of treating various diseases with the help of various physical factors such as heat, cold, electric current, magnetic UV and IR radiation, as well as with the help of therapeutic muds, massage, hirudotherapy, etc.

Physiotherapy services

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With procedures based on the action of electric current, such as phonophoresis, electroplating, electrophoresis, etc., we can send the drug exactly where its action is important, even at the smallest doses that will not harm the body. This way you can avoid getting used to the medication.
Darsonvalization – an effective way to improve blood circulation in tissues, which is used in cosmetology, in the treatment of skin diseases, as an auxiliary method in the fight against hypertension, gynecological diseases, sleep disorders. In darsonvalization, the doctor sends high voltage alternating current pulses through special electrodes. The procedure is almost insensible to the patient, but the positive effect is usually visible after the first session.

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