Physiotherapy treatment

In which cases the physiotherapy is prescribed

Physiotherapy methods are effective in many diseases of varying complexity.

The patient’s physiotherapy room is directed by the attending doctor. He prescribes treatment taking into account the medicines taken by the patient. The course of procedures is prepared individually for each patient for maximum efficiency of treatment.

Medical physiotherapy is prescribed only by the doctor taking into account the patient’s condition, medical history, age, associated diagnoses and other factors. It is not possible to appoint your own procedures.

Physiotherapy treatment

LFK – therapeutic physical training. It is intended for maintenance of health of an organism at restrictions of activity, and also for the recovery purposes at a wide spectrum of diseases.

Diadynamometry (Bernard currents) at 50 and 100 pulses per minute is a broad-based pain and muscle and nerve stimulation therapy.

Magnetotherapy – treatment of various diseases by exposure to low-frequency magnetic fields.

Electrophoresis is one of the most common physiotherapeutic procedures used in many diseases, and consists in the impact of high-frequency current on the sick places to enhance the effect of drugs.

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