PMUC Côte d’Ivoire la revue

The three northern regions of Cameroon, a country in sub-Saharan Africa, are characterized by savannah vegetation and landscape. These unique geographical features greatly favor the rearing of cattle and horses, which is the focus of the minority Mbororo community of the North-west region and the Fulanis of the Northern regions.

These communities are also sparingly dispersed in other parts of the country.

While many people tend to focus on the importance of cattle for their survival, many have paid little attention to horses. Which brings me to the lucrative business of PMUC Côte d’Ivoire la revue gambling in horse racing in Cameroon.

PMUC Côte d’Ivoire la revue

Horse gambling, commonly called “Tiercé” in Cameroon, has been a popular phenomenon since its advent in the country in the late 1990s. Cameroonian gamblers are known to bet on horse racing taking place in other countries mainly in the homelands of its former colonial administrators: England and particularly France. The France horse-betting company-Paris Mutuel Urbain (PMU) set up its first kiosks in Cameroon in the late 1990s and was baptized Paris Mutuel Urbain camerounais (PMUC). Horse bets are legal in Cameroon as a 1992 law gave leeway to gambling operators in Cameroon, though the 2005 finance law imposed stricter guidelines and steeper taxes on Cameroon’s gambling interests.

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