San Francisco weed

While the most common thing everything thinks about when they think about cannabis is the type that’s rolled up in paper and smoked since that was the most common version, but there’s so much more to know about San Francisco weed products. 

Beginner Info

There are many different reasons as to why you want to try cannabis/marijuana products. This may be to help boost your creativity, to get inspired or energized, or maybe just to help you with socializing with others. For others it’s more medically initiated as it is known to help with depression or anxiety and also helps with chronic pain. This is why you’ll typically hear terms like medical or recreational cannabis. 

No matter what your reason for trying it out is, do so with a clear head and a defined purpose so you can get the desired result. Below are some of the most common forms to help you in determining which you want to try to achieve the result. 

  • Sativa: This is for those looking for a creative boost in their life. It helps to uplift your mood, increase your energy, and improve your focus. Great for athletes and artists alike.
  • Indica: For those insomniacs out there, Indica is perfect for you! It helps to reduce anxiety, relieve pain, and relaxes the mind/body.
  • Hybrid: The Hybrid versions combine Sativa and Indica together creating a nice balanced blend of the two.
  • CBD: The newest and most popular craze, CBD created little to no “high” making it highly popular as you receive most of the same benefits without the unwanted ones. This is perfect as a pain reliever, muscle recovery, and reducing inflammation.
San Francisco weed

Urban Pharm is one of San Francisco’s most aesthetically pleasing dispensaries. Like other Bay Area dispensaries, it boasts a dab bar and lounge, but unlike other dispensaries, Urban Pharm has strayed away from the standard industrial/hipster decor theme and added a steampunk twist. Their smoke lounge has a touch of steampunk, Victorian flare. But the decor isn’t the only standout factor: Urban Pharm is one of the few cannabis lounges that allows open flames, which makes it an ideal place to settle in with your own pipe, joint, or blunt after purchasing some of their premium product. They also provide dab rigs on-site. If that doesn’t pique your interest… well, I’m not sure what will. The cherry on top is that they’re also located near downtown in San Francisco’s SOMA district. It’s super easy to stop by while trekking around to a variety of the city’s major attractions. You can get an assortment of goodies here and enjoy them all in the lounge before exploring the rest of the city or getting lunch. The staff is really friendly and helpful and ready to answer all questions that you might have.

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