Tipico brasil reveja

Before you make a deal you choose two different currencies – the currency pair. One of them is the base currency, the other is the quoted currency. Your task is to try to predict how the quoted currency will change relative to the base one. If you are sure that the rate of the quoted currency will increase, you can open a deal to “buy” it. If you think it will fall – on “sell”.

Most often, the dollar is chosen as the base currency, you can choose any other quote currency.

You have chosen the currency pair – the euro and the dollar. Dollar – base currency, euro – quoted currency. For example, you expect the euro to rise against the dollar.

Tipico brasil reveja

The broker, using information from tipico brasil reveja, immediately gives the client the current result of this position on his trading terminal. Depending on the circumstances, a trade can be profitable or unprofitable. Subsequently, watching the price of an asset, a trader decides on the time of closing the transaction. This can be done manually or automatically by placing orders on profit and possible loss limitation in advance.

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