Tradear from a trader’s position

The scheme of trading on the international currency market can be briefly described as follows. A trader, using a special program (often the Metatrader platform), observes the charts of traded assets. After analyzing and making a decision to buy or sell, he submits a command to open a trading position. The team goes to the server of the broker, on whose website the trader is registered.


The broker, using information from liquidity providers, immediately gives the client the current result of this position on his trading terminal. Depending on the circumstances, a trade can be profitable or unprofitable. Subsequently, watching the price of an asset, a trader decides on the time of closing the transaction. This can be done manually or automatically by placing orders on profit and possible loss limitation in advance.

Geography of the currency market

Unlike stock and commodity exchanges, Forex has no specific trading platform. Regional foreign exchange markets serve as working platforms for banking transactions. The most significant of them are Asian, European, American and Pacific markets. Interaction of platforms is carried out by means of the newest information technologies.

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